About us

      Baun Bon is based in beautiful Golden BC Canada and was created by Jayne Baun. Jayne was raised on her family's farm in the  south of Alberta, she moved to the British Columbia for art school and stayed for skiing, climbing, snowboarding, hiking and all that the mountains offered her. She spends her spare time adventuring with her husband Justin and two children Betty and Bowin, never without a sketch book:)

                  " Many thanks to all who enjoy my work, you have given me the beautiful gift of living my life as an artist. Each Baun Bon card is printed from my original hand drawn artwork and I hope they deliver all the joy that I feel while creating them! "   -Jayne Baun

    It is our intention to uplift and spread joy through lighthearted creative         expression and fun!

   With Love and Gratitude for all,

        Team Baun Bon